Admissions Policy

Check-in and Registration

  1. Please check-in 30 minutes before the time specified on the voucher to start registration at the ZIPCITY ticketing counter. Any late check-ins may be re-allocated to a later time at the discretion of the ticketing counter. 


  1. After check-in, the registration process will take 30 minutes and your actual activity time will be allocated after registration is complete.


  1. Please note the activity time can be affected by several factors including weather, equipment maintenance or safety protocols.


  1. We will endeavour to complete your activity within a 45 minute time period after registration is complete.


  1. Photo ID is required to redeem tickets at the ZIPCITY ticketing counter.




  1. Parental/Guardian authorization is necessary for children under 18 years old. Parent or Legal guardian must be present at ZIPCITY ticketing counter, with the child under 18 years old, to sign the waiver form on their behalf. The child will not be able to enjoy the activity/ies if this is not the case. 


  1. Please note that on major public holidays hours may be extended, for further information please call us on the ZIPCITY hotline at +??, or visit


  1. For changes or cancellation of activities due to weather, please call us on the ZIPCITY hotline at +??.


Appropriate Clothing


  1. Closed-toed and closed-heel shoes are advised for all guests. We do not recommend dresses/skirts, dress shoes, high heels or flip flops. No loose items including handbags, head gear and jewellery. Suitable foot wear and a bag for loose items will be provided by ZIPCITY if needed.


Physical and Health Requirements


  1. Participants must be in good physical health, as outlined in ZIPCITY’s Terms and Conditions. Participants must weigh between 30kg to 100kg.